Subject [IBO] Parameter mismatch preparing TIBOStoredProc?? Bug??
Author G. Allen Casteran
OK so I have this StoredProc on the server:

CREATE PROCEDURE SP_DeletePayment (aKeyCol NUMERIC(10, 0)) AS
DELETE FROM Payments WHERE PKey = :aKeyCol;

This all loads OK. No problem yet.

I add a TIBOStoredProc object to my data module, set the DatabaseName, and
then have to type in the SP name (it doesn't list in the drop-down). I try
to set prepared to TRUE and I get an ISC error "Parameter mismatch error".

What is up with that?

AFAIK, calling Prepare should get the parameter info from the server.

Question 2: If I am passing an Int64 variable to this parameter, how should
I do it? There is no .AsInt64 or .AsLargeInt on the Param object. The Param
is a NUMERIC(10) to match the Keycol which is set by a generator, hence the
Int64 datatype.