Subject Re: [IBO] Parameter mismatch preparing TIBOStoredProc?? Bug??
Author Jason Wharton
Borland's TParams cannot properly handle an INT64 param I believe is the
root of the problem.
Use the native IBO component instead.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Parameter mismatch preparing TIBOStoredProc?? Bug??

> G'day Helen!
> Yes I compiled and committed the SP load. I tested it with an ISQL tool
> made sure that it worked. The TIBODatabase connection was indeed connected
> to the SP and active.
> I did some more testing and find that the TIB_StoredProc seems to pick up
> the StoredProcs but TIBOStoredProc does not. It's like they don't exist.
> The StoredProcName on the IBOStoredProc does not list the procs when you
> drop down the list. Just empty. No matter whether I specify a DatabaseName
> or an IB_Connection. Same failing results.
> On the TIB_StoredProc after preparing it shows the param as an Int64
> >>Where is the aKeyCol parameter value coming from? Is it of an
> appropriate data type?
> >>Numeric(10,0) seems a bit odd... And how are you passing the value to
> the component?
> This is to match the keycol of the table, which is a generated value.
> According to the IB 6 docs the generators create and Int64 value so a
> NUMERIC is the only datatype in IB that will create such a field. I would
> have expected them to create an INT64 datatype, but alas no such luck.
> Passing the Value is the next question on my list. In my app I am handling
> the value as an Int64 value. How do I pass that to the param if the param
> does not have an AsInt64 or AsLargeInt property?
> > >Question 2: If I am passing an Int64 variable to this parameter, how
> > >I do it? There is no .AsInt64 or .AsLargeInt on the Param object. The
> > >is a NUMERIC(10) to match the Keycol which is set by a generator, hence
> > >Int64 datatype.
> >
> >Int64 is valid ONLY in a Dialect 3 database. It is NUMERIC(18,0). You
> >can pass it either
> >AsInteger or simply use the .Value property and let IBO cast it.
> I should probably change my key definitions to NUMERIC(18) instead of
> NUMERIC(10). Still AsInteger will pass a 32-bit value. How do I pass a
> 64-bit value??
> >If you are passing 32-bit integers, they are also AsInteger; and your
> >Stored Procedure variable should be of type INTEGER, not a scaled
> If I do that then I can't pass a 64-bit value that matches the datatype of
> the KeyCol (primary key).
> Thanks,
> Allen.