Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Grid and Master Detail problem
Author Olafur Gudmundsson
Thank for all the reply's.

I fixed the first problem like suggested by Geoff, work fine that way.

Well the second problem is a litle more complex so I tried to set up the
same senario with the MasterLink program (one of the demos).
1. First I create a mdiform and make the other form a mdichild.
2. Then I create a datamodule and put the connection, transaction and the
query components on to the datamodule.
3. I don't make any changes in the code except redirect where nessasary to
the datamodule.
4. I change the child form from autocreate so I can create and destroy it as
I like.

This is very much the same setup as in my program.

After all this I have managed to make the order and items datasets not to

If any one has time to reproduce this I would very much like to hear what
came out of it.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] IB_Grid and Master Detail problem

> 1. How can I prevent the "grey state" of a check box in a IB_Grid?

Declare the boolean field at the database as NOT NULL. IBO
automatically picks up on this and only allows the true/false states.

> 2. I'm using one transaction and two TIB_query comp. for
> a master detail rel. and it works ok when I first open the
> form. But when I close it and open again the master does
> not query the detail. Some how the link seem to
> be lost between the two.
> I'm using ver. 4.2.F
> Does anyone have an Idea or is more detailed info needed?

Probably need more info on this one.

I take it you must be just hiding the form. When you reopen it there
should be no reason for the datasets to change anything - should
there? Or are you saying that the even when you move records on the
master (after reopening the form) the detail is not following?

This may require a small demonstration app. If you setup the demo
using one of the existing sample databases you can avoid having to
send a database and an application.

Geoff Worboys
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