Subject Re: [IBO] pessimisticlocking please
Author Andreas Pohl
If you use following settings, then you'll get a perfect way for multiuser editing without overwriting each other as long as one user is editing a record. After posting a record/row other users are eble to overwrite this.



If you catch Errcode 335544336 in IB_Connection1.OnError event you can display a own message like "Another user is doing your work..."

BTW, if your database is firing events after updating/inserting/deleting you can refresh displayed rows (e.g. in a grid) automatically. This looks nice but be carefully with it because your system becomes busy if a lot of user are working (as they should :)

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl
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Subject: [IBO] pessimisticlocking please

> Hi all
> I know I asked this before but I'm running into problems with users
> overwriting the other, very few times, but I need to prevent this. but how?
> How do I go about locking only one row in the table? will
> Pessimisticlocking property of IBOTable accomplish this? I'm using D5,
> IBOTable,and IB6.
> Can Someone please set me straight on this problem once and for all.
> Thanks
> Daniel
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