Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Grid and Master Detail problem
Author Lucas Franzen

> 1. How can I prevent the "grey state" of a check box in a IB_Grid?

If you defined the field that's representing a boolean as a domain (for
example T_BOOL as char(1) with values 'T', 'F' ) you can

- set the FieldEntryTypes->fetDomainName property of the IB_COpnnection
- enter T_BOOL=BOOLEAN=T,F in the ColumnAttributes of the IB_Connection.

This way CheckBoxes will be checked or not in a IB_Grid. They're only
grayed if you have another value or even NULL in this field.

If you haven't got a domain for this field type you can enter it in the
ColumnAttributes directly:


But there's the same limitation. If the the field is NULL or another
value than T,F the checkBox will be grayed since IBO can't neither set
it true nor false.

> 2. I'm using one transaction and two TIB_query comp. for a master detail
> rel. and it works ok when I first open the form. But when I close it and
> open again the master does not query the detail. Some how the link seem to
> be lost between the two.

I think we need some more detail about that.
How do you open the detail table?