Subject Re: [IBO] How to get numeric digits of a TIB_field?
Author Geoff Worboys

> But what about the number of digits?

I think the short answer is that you cannot get this efficiently or
reliably. In IB v5.x and before the precision information specified
in the original declaration was lost.

Try this in IB5.x :

Now do a metadata extract with any utility and you will see the domain
shows as NUMERIC(9,2) - the precision of the actual storage type and
not the original declaration.

In IB v6 the precision information is now stored but is still not
honoured correct. Also AFAIK it is not made available via normal
prepare information. So the only way to retreive the information
would be via direct query of the metadata, and I really doubt if it is
worth it.

I suspect that the only efficient way to do what you want is to
provide a property on the control - or manage it via the formatting
string or editmask.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing