Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOCachedUpdates D6 IBO 4.2.Fa
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> > We have Converted a large Project Which uses Cached Updates
> > Extensively to IBO. Using GReplace as Recommended and Replaced the
> > TCachedUpdate Components with TIBOCachedUpdates.
> > The TiBOCachedUpdates are there fine and looks good
> > BUT the TIBOQueries will not let us edit or insert records.
> >
> > Have we missed something here?
> > If so what?
> > We would rearly like not to have to manually change all the 100
> > affected?
> I intend that you should be able to edit as before.
> If you can help me to isolate why it isn't working and I provide a
fix that
> should take care of it.
> Please isolate the condition.
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ

Thanks for the prompt Reply
Ok With a bit of messing arround we come back to the issue being the
complexity of the query

a Problem example is

Select Sm.*, M.itemCode, M.Description, Fs.FacilityID, Fs.MaterialID,
F.Name, Gr.Name Grower, Smt.Description MovementType, Orch.Name
from StockMovement Sm
join FacilityStock Fs on Sm.FacilityStockID = Fs.FacilityStockID
Join Facility F on F.FacilityID = Fs.FacilityID
Join Facility Gr on Gr.FacilityID = Sm.GrowerID
Join Material M on M.MaterialID = Fs.MaterialID
Join StockMovementType Smt on Smt.StockMovementTypeID =
left join Facility Orch on Orch.FacilityID = Gr.SelfLinkID
where Sm.MovementDate >= :D
and M.MaterialType = 'B'
order by Sm.MovementDate Desc

if we use simplie Queries Then it Works Fine with this query found it
started to work OK when We Copied the Join Parameter out of the
Associated UpdateSQL(EditText) in this case

StockMovementID Prefixed it with its tableName StockMovement
and added it to the KeyLink TIBstingsList

After that it all came to life ok

The problem appears to be in wether the Tiboquery decides if it can
be edited or not and its decision is more rigorous than TQuery was.
TIboQuery will make editable a complex query only if a Keylink is
there.On a complex Query as long as this is there the TIBOUpdate can
have no Querystrings in it and it is Still Editable

Ian for David