Subject Re: [IBO] Want to use some of last posted fields as default for the next insert
Author Jason Wharton
> After each post my ib_query returns in search state. At this point is
> there a way to retrieve fields value that have been just posted?
> Similar problem (but it's not the above), if I want to facilitate the
> user automatically filling (in AfterInsert) some fields with the value
> used in the last post, is there any buffer with the last data?

There isn't a buffer as you are asking but it is pretty easy to populate a
variant array of the columns you want the values for.

MyVarient := MyDataset[ 'COL1;COL2;COL3' ];

You can put whatever columns in here you want and store the values aside.
Then you can assign them back easily:

MyDataset[ 'COL1;COL2;COL3' ] := MyVarient;

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ