Subject Re: [IBO] Want to use some of last posted fields as default for the next insert
Author Artur Anjos
Here we go:
>After each post my ib_query returns in search state. At this point is
>there a way to retrieve fields value that have been just posted?
If I understand your question, you want to Sync the buffer between the client and the server, to get values changed by triggers, for example. For that, you must set the BufferSynchroFlags property.

> Similar problem (but it's not the above), if I want to facilitate the
> user automatically filling (in AfterInsert) some fields with the value
> used in the last post, is there any buffer with the last data?

I don't think so, but Jason could tell you more. You must keep a copy of that fields by yourself, and use them on "OnNewRecord"


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