Subject RE: [IBO] Want to use some of last posted fields as default for the next insert
Author Kaputnik
This is perhaps a very complicated method, but it works at least :-)

Before you post changes in a TIB_Query, you can intercept the beforepost
event to loop through all TIB_columns and compare the OldVariant (or
OldString) Value if it is different from the value itself (or you use
the isModified property). You could derive your own TIB_Query with the
added code for your project to save you some huge amount of
coding.....Simply add an object-list or something else to your custom
query, clear it in the before-post event, feed it with the new variants
from the loop and add a property to access them for later use....

Nick Josipovic

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University of Mannheim
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> Subject: [IBO] Want to use some of last posted fields as default for
> next insert
> After each post my ib_query returns in search state. At this point is
> there a way to retrieve fields value that have been just posted?
> Similar problem (but it's not the above), if I want to facilitate the
> user automatically filling (in AfterInsert) some fields with the value
> used in the last post, is there any buffer with the last data?
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi
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