Subject RE: [IBO] Newbie: "Comuted By" and other questions
Author Norman Dunbar
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Subject: Re: [IBO] Newbie: "Comuted By" and other questions

>> This sounds like a faulty installation. Under what exact conditions do
the tabs disappear?

One other way that tabs on the component palette can disapear when a new
project is created, is if they have been removed from the default project.
To check this, in Delphi 6 (personal) do the following :

Select file | close all - doing this means the next steps affect the default

Selct project | options then click on the Packages tab
In the 'design packages' list at the top, scroll down and make sure that all
the 'IB Object xxxxx' entries have their tick boxes ticked. Anything not
ticked will not show up when you start a new project.
Click the OK button to save the (new) default project settings.

Now test it by selecting File | New | Application.

It is quite useful to have some packages turned off by default - on my C++
Builder system, I have very few tabs enabled on the palette - it makes the
system quicker to load apart from less clutter. The downside is having to
enable the required tabs on a project by project basis :o)



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