Subject XP Warning
Just a quick - OT - warning.

I had been running W98SE on my laptop, but finally got fed
up with the crashes caused by Builder 5 when it can't handle
an exception so I decided to waste time loading up something
later. Onfortunatly XP was at hand. Usual hour to load, but
it was unusable, along with the machine. Fortunatly I had my
safety net, Linux still booted.

Anybody loading XP. ( and I know NOBODY else does this ! )
It is now a requirement that there is a password set. I
don't bother on the secure network, so once XP had loaded,
nothing would run, not even the program to change the

PERHAPS it would have been nice if Microsoft followed Linux
LEAD and not allowed an install to complete until the
password is set.

I've got W2k on the machine now but had to reinstall
everthing as you can't 'un-install' XP, and W2k can't
recognise the registry.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services