Subject Newbie: "Comuted By" and other questions
Author John Antoniewicz
Hello IB Object Support,

I am new to both IB Object and Interbase and am still trying to understand all of the components. I just bought the grand bundle several weeks ago. I am using it with Delphi Professional version 6.0, Interbase (Firebird version WI-T1.0.0.338 beta 2).

I have set up a simple test program using a MASTER/DETAIL table setup. I am using the following components (TIB_Connection, TIBOQuery, TIBOTable, TIB_Transaction and TDataSource and TwwGrids).

1) I created a "Computed By" field in my PERSONAL table called "FULL_NAME" which is based on the "LAST_NAME", "MIDDLE_NAME" and the "LAST_NAME". I see the changes take place when I CLOSE then OPEN the table. My question is how can I make the changes take place to the "FULL_NAME" field when the record is saved and with out closing and then reopen the table, itself?

2) My other question is about TRIGGERS. I understand the TRIGGERS are fired when the table mode changes, i.e.... during INSERTS and UPDATES. When I defined the trigger in the table I don't see it working when I call a Delphi function like PERSONAL.Insert. What am I missing?

3) My last question is about my components. Why is it that some of the "ibo" tabs disappears when I started creating an application? The tabs are (iboSearch, iboBars and iboMisc). Do I get any advantage using these components over InfoPower 3000 components?

Thank you,
John Antoniewicz
Director of Development
Cybercove Software
Albany, Georgia USA

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