Subject Re: [IBO] Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and MIDAS
> I don't understand how someone can use IBO w/out borland dev tools? you mean IBO
> works with other implementations of Pascal or C++ that doesn't make any sense.

The bottom line is that IBO is just a convenient way for
Delphi and Builder users to access Interbase and now
Firebird. The heavyweight users of Interbase gave up on BDE
a long time ago, and program directly to the API. Jason's
software was originally a bridge to do away with the API,
full BDE compatibility came as a later add on because people
kept insisting on it. I have to use IBOQuery myself to feed
TChart images, but it's only a bolt on to the much more
pratical Native components.

The mistake I made in the early days was to try and make IBO
do what I expected from BDE. I lost 6 months which I regret.
The real power of IBO comes when you start with a clean
sheet and use it's tools. I can build a complete software
module in hours, where debugging the BDE original had taked

I'm still fighting Windows code, otherwise I would be more
active moving to Linux and Kylix. My customers are now
dictating that THAT move will take place, but only when
Borland fix the holes in Kylix.

We just can't win, but IBO is more of a help than a

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services