Subject Re: [IBO] Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and MIDAS
Author Artur Anjos
I never used the BDE, I start all over with IBO, so I can not help you with the differences. But I know one think that could make the difference is defining KeyLinks. Did you?

AutoFetchAll: When true, all data is fetch from the server and keep in local buffer.

I remember that the IBO help file has some documentation about moving from BDE to IBO. And also the "Getting Starting Guide". Did you get one of this? It's costless.


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From: Sean Leyne
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Subject: [IBO] Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and MIDAS


We are looking to migrate a D5 application which uses BDE/MIDAS to IBObjects
and MIDAS (using TClientDataset). We are looking to simply replace the
existing BDE components with their IBO equivalents.

In anticipation of this move we are doing some 'proof of concept'
work/testing to determine what the performance will be like.

To be honest, we are seeing some very confusing numbers -- IBObjects is
often only marginally better the BDE, in some cases much worse.

Can someone please give me a rough sketch of what we should be doing.

Also, can someone explain what the AutoFetchAll property is suppoed to do/be
used for?


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