Subject Re: [IBO] Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and MIDAS
Author Ed Malloy

Have you considered using IBX?

We do not use MIDAS, but a simple BDE conversvion was painless.

The big difference for me was that all I had to replace was the the database and query componets (& add transactions). I have
found the TDataSet component very smooth and fast.

I would not reject IBX out-of-hand. It is a much easier replacement and if you applications are not extremely complex it may
work well for you too.



Sean Leyne wrote:

> All,
> We are looking to migrate a D5 application which uses BDE/MIDAS to IBObjects
> and MIDAS (using TClientDataset). We are looking to simply replace the
> existing BDE components with their IBO equivalents.
> In anticipation of this move we are doing some 'proof of concept'
> work/testing to determine what the performance will be like.
> To be honest, we are seeing some very confusing numbers -- IBObjects is
> often only marginally better the BDE, in some cases much worse.
> Can someone please give me a rough sketch of what we should be doing.
> Also, can someone explain what the AutoFetchAll property is suppoed to do/be
> used for?
> Sean
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