Subject Re: [IBO] Migrating BDE/MIDAS applicaiton to IBObjects and
Author Sean Leyne

> Performance improvement will depend a lot on your architecture. If you
have the "classic BDE" picture involving uncontrolled fetching and a lot of
dependence on iterating through datasets on the client side, you can impose
the same overhead on an IBO app if you wish and not notice much improvement
in performance.

My architecture is very straightforward:

Client = TClientDataset -> TDCOMConnection

AppServer = TDataSetProvider -> TQuery (TIBOQuery) -> TDatabase

Unfortunately, we are seeing significant performance decrease, when
performing a basic "SELECT * FROM TABLE".

The BDE/MIDAS approach takes 0.047 sec but the IBO/MIDAS solution takes
17.231sec (17.251 with AutoFetchAll = True).

So needless to say we are very puzzled.

> If you want to work towards a more server-centric approach, then IBO
offers an enormous amount of encapsulation that simply isn't available with
BDE or IBX and the performance effects will be dramatic.

Huh??? Server-centric?