Subject Array Columns - Employee.gdb
Author Geoff Worboys

I am trying to use Array columns for the first time, I am using the
employee.gdb database that comes with IB/FB - the JOB table has an
array column LANGUAGE_REQ declared as VARCHAR(15)[5].

I created a simple demo that shows the table in IB_Grid, and the
LANUAGE_REQ column in a TIB_ArrayGrid. It seems that selecting any of
the records that contain a non-null value for the LANGUAGE_REQ field
results in an AV. The few times that an AV does not happen the
TIB_ArrayGrid shows mostly garbage - although if you click in one of
the cells you get part of what it was supposed to show (I think) -
values like 'ench', and 'glish'.

The AV happens during a Move call inside the SysGetVarArray call
(called from GetAsVariant).

I have almost no interest in arrays, but my backup utility failed when
trying to backup the employee database - in that case the error
happened inside the SysPutVarArray call where:

EleSize := GetElementSize( @ArrayDesc );
returns EleSize = 0!!!

So I thought I should see if the problem was in my code or just a lack
of understanding about arrays.

Any ideas?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing