Subject Re: IBObjects and Rave 4
Yes, I use for some very complex reporting requirements.

You can select either the BDE or IBO when selecting a Rave Projects
Data Object/Data Connection. I prefer the IBO selection but
successfully started out with Jasons IBOTdataset. I now connect with
the IBO Data Connection.

Once you have selected database and entered your Interbase Username
and Password you can then select an SQL dataview which brings up a
SQL Builder. The Builder has a Result page and parameters can be
included in the Where Clause. At design time , test parameters can be
entered in the Parameter page.

After much trial and error I can now easily pass parameters from the
Delphi application.

Raves documenation is a bit sparce on these topics
but once you grasp their "different way of doing things" it becomes
very user friendly and intuitive.

If you want to have a go I usually monitor both this group and the
Nevrona newsgroup.I may be able to assist you to get started.

I think you will find that the only tricky part is the parameter
format of the Where clause (the parameter and identifier must be
enclosed in a string eg Where Mypara = ':Myparam'. this is
undocumented AFAIK.

Mike Hickman
Brisbane Australia

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> Hello,
> has anyone here experiences in using Rave 4 from Nevrona ?
> Does this report designer have native IBO_Query support ?
> Thanks
> Elmar