Subject Re: IBObjects and Rave 4
I answered earlier but have not seen my reply published so I will try

Yes I use Rave with IBO frequently and have found it excellent for my
needs. Unfortunately documentation from Nevrona is sparce on the

You can select as your data object either IBO or the BDE (the
installation program asks what you will be linking to).

If you select BDE then you use IBOTDataset then select direct

I prefer to select IBO then an SQLdataview. This surfaces an
sqlbuilder with table and column selections,functions,sorting etc.
Builder pages include Own coding,Parameter and result sets.

Passing parameters from your application is tricky but once mastered
is very powerfull. The trick is to pass parameters as strings then
enclose the parameter and identifier in a string.

e.g Where Myparam=':Myparam'.

Params can be set in design mode e.g.


IMO Well worth the learning curve effort.

I usually monitor this Group and Nevronas Newsgroup. If you want to
have a go I may be able to help.

Mike Hickman

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> Hello,
> has anyone here experiences in using Rave 4 from Nevrona ?
> Does this report designer have native IBO_Query support ?
> Thanks
> Elmar