Subject Re: [IBO] What's TIB_TransactionSource for?
Author Geoff Worboys
> What am I adding with TIB_TransactionSource to my form?
> What am I missing if not?
> (same question about IB_ConnectionSource, of course ;)

By using a *Source component you can setup a form to be aware of
changes happening in a component located on another module. The
*Source components allow you to provide better isolation/independance
in your modules.

All the form/module code that responds to component events is attached
to the *Source component. The only "connection" to the external
component is the single property (and most of the IBO *source
components offer Before/After Assignment events so you can even
respond to changes in the connected component). This makes the
form/module code cleaner and more isolated, allowing you to make
changes to modules with minimal impact on other modules.

Much the same logic applies to DataSource, DataLink and various other

I think that about covers it.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing