Subject TIB_Lookup List Question
Hello Everyone!

I am trying to develop a deposit form. On this form I have two
TIB_Lookup List Boxes with two buttons in between with arrows on
them. I want to be able to populate the box on the left with records
marked for deposit. I want the user to be able to select items in
the box and click on the arrow to move them to the box on the right
where they can be "deposited". I am not sure I am using the right
control for this. Should I use the TIB_String List Box instead? Am
I using the wrong control all together? I want this to work like the
project options boxes in Delphi where you can move the form names
around deciding which ones will autocreate.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. This is such a
wonderful site and has helped me immensely while learning to program
in Delphi with IBObjects.

Thank you.