Subject Re: [IBO] RichText
Author Geoff Worboys
> ps
> Re your BLOB problem on the other list - it's a long time
> since I have seen it, but it used to happen regularly with
> BDE. I even moved some Memos to long VARCHAR to stop it
> affecting the customer.

I played with long varchars for a while, but they really blew out the
database size and I was forced to revert to blobs for anything over

> Not seen since using IBO, and I never did establish if
> the information was just miss linked, or missing. Always
> 'copied' the problem record, and re-entered the missing
> data from hard copy ( They still had the books as well
> and didn't drop them until the IBO version went in! )

I thought this was probably what I would have to do, but it was worth
asking. Its the only instance of the problem I've seen, and this
particular database has over a million records in various tables.

This client has been well trained to rely on their computers.
Originally using a DataPerfect (DOS based DBMS) database I built for
them, and now this system with IBO - over 8 years of business
automation. I just need to make them realise how much they rely on
them so they will spend the appropriate money on fallback and disaster
recovery requirements. But thats another story and not much to do
with IBO.

Thanks for you input.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing