Subject RichText
I'm actually working on a new project, which makes a change.

This one involves RichText memo's.

I have them working nicely now, and can paste from the
existing word document, but I really need to tidy up the
'user interface'.

Does anybody have any input on two areas please.

1/ I could do with a pop-up in the TIB_RichText which allows
me to toggle the bold and italic attributes. I've got it on
a button at present but has anybody been playing here.

2/ Any suggestions for a pop-up editor giving acces to all
the font and colour stuff. I'd like to use this on double
click so that most of the stuff is just highlighting but the
customer has full edit if they need to break the rules they
have defined!

I know I can build my own, I am just trying to save time
re-inventing the wheel.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services