Subject Sharing Interbase Handle in IBO
Author Henry Yong
I am converting our Midas application from BDE to IBO. I am very much
appreciated If anyone can help,

My original application is using remote data modules sharing one database
connnection. (using SharedConnection by Dan Miser). On my main RDM, I have
TDatabase connecting to Interbase and for the child remote data modules, I
am using the session global variable to retrieve the database connection and
assign to local TDatabase.

My development platform is D5SP1, IBO3.6Ca, BDE5.1, TCP/IP connection using
socket server

Here are some my problems:

1. Coexisting with BDE - I have TIBODatabase variable on each RDM and using
the GetNativeHandle to grab the database handle and assign to dbHandleShared
property of TIBODatabase. It works on two of my computers running Win2000
but failed on Win98. The handle returned generates an exception within IBO
when I assign the handle to dbHandleShared. One particular instance is if I
run my appserver first, the same exception occures on Win2000 platform.
However, if I let midas instantiate the appserver automatically, it works on
win2000 but still failed on win98. Any ideas for me to hunt?

2. How can I share TIBODatabase across multiple RDM? Basically what I want
to do is create the TIBODatabase on my main RDM and share it with all my
child RDM. Is there a way to access TIBODatabase connection thru a session
object such as TSessions in BDE?

3. Since I upgrade the application to D5, it failed to runon Win95 machine.
The error coming back 'The parameter is incorrect'. Is anyone using midas-3
on win95 platform?

Henry Yong

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