Subject IBO Job where I work...
Author Jason Wharton

If you are talking about openings at companies or job sites where IBO is
used... There is a job opening right where I work using IBO. In fact, I am
looking for someone to replace me! I would like to devote all of my time to
pushing IBO forward. There are many more things I could be doing to make the
infrastructure surrounding this great product with fantastic potential all
that much better to use. I hope to take the LINUX arena by storm!

So, while we are unable to sponsor people from outside of the US, I sure
hope at some point there is someone out there that can fill my shoes where I
work... (It won't be that hard to do if you spend all your time "using"
IBO.) Instead of taking half a day to fix a bug you will just tell me to do
it... <g>

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Jason,
> All I have to say is that you made a product that is outstanding and that
> your support is a good.
> There was one thing missing and you got it out (The getting started
> This is as far as I am concern a must and does answer most of the
> or problem I had moving from BDE apps. This guide is worth every buck
> after exchange to Canadian money).
> My project is going forward and my interest in IBObjects following.
> Here is a good question I have: What about job opening or company listing
> those using IBObject. I would be interested in such a list and find out
> about openings. Even though I am starting with IBObject, I still stack 7
> year of professional P/A work. ? Maybe I am getting to over exited by the
> product ? but I like it.