Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Grid LookupCombo Field
Author Jason Wharton

> 1) I seem to be missing a step in attaching a Lookup Combo to an acutal
> field in a IB_Grid. I've got the lookup stuff working, it just isnt
> the lookup in place of the field on Edit. I'm probably just missing one
> little TIB_String List property line... but, I dont know which one.. And
> example didnt shed any light on it.

Look for the DataField property on the lookup combo control. It should match
the column you want it to appear in.

> 2) Along the same lines... I saw once that in IB_WISQL, when you were
> browsing table data, if there was a blob field it would put up the 3 dots
> and take you to a dialog to edit that... however, I downloaded the most
> recent one... and it isnt "automatically" happening... Is there something
> you have to do to it to get it to look at blob fields like that?

See the EditLinksAuto property. It's for those of us who are lazy...

Also, look over the DrawCellTextOptions property. There's lots of nice
little goodies in there.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ