Subject RE: [IBO] Suggestions for IBO v4
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Why not simply a TIB_Query that has only client-side calculated fields? The
syntax for IBO-calculated fields resembles the declarations in SQL, so the
needed step seems to use a special table name that IBO knows it shouldn't
try to match in the server.


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> Sent: Miércoles 6 de Diciembre de 2000 3:51
> Geoff & Jason,
> I have never used anything vaguely resembling in-memory tables, but why
> support this at the SQL level?
> I think it would be more logical to support this at the connection level -
> probably through a Boolean property InMemory or something. Any CREATE
> TABLE, SELECT etc. done to datasets associated with such a connection
> should be done in memory. Maybe a bit difficult for you two to implement,
> but easy for us developers to use ;=} It may be stretching it a bit far to
> implement support for in-memory triggers and generators, though.
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