Subject IB_Grid LookupCombo Field
Author Roger Webb
hey Yall,

2 Questions....

1) I seem to be missing a step in attaching a Lookup Combo to an acutal
field in a IB_Grid. I've got the lookup stuff working, it just isnt placing
the lookup in place of the field on Edit. I'm probably just missing one
little TIB_String List property line... but, I dont know which one.. And the
example didnt shed any light on it.

2) Along the same lines... I saw once that in IB_WISQL, when you were
browsing table data, if there was a blob field it would put up the 3 dots
and take you to a dialog to edit that... however, I downloaded the most
recent one... and it isnt "automatically" happening... Is there something
you have to do to it to get it to look at blob fields like that?

- Roger