Subject Re: [IBO] OnCalculateField
Author Jason Wharton
> I have been wondering, why it takes so long, when I open a...

Yes, I didn't realize that I had the buffer row doing a recalc each time it
pulled a record out of the in memory cache. This isn't necessary because I
am storing the result of calculated fields in the cache as well. I intend to
accommodate those storing semi-expensive operations in calculated fields.
The only thing saved otherwise is a little bit of memory to keep a
persistent cache of the results.

This issue is something (perhaps you mentioned it previously?) I fixed last
night and will be releasing as soon as I can seal the final certifications
on the 3.6Bf sub-release. Most likely tonight or tomorrow afternoon. If you
want to preview it let me know and I'll shoot you the current sources.

I just may call it 3.6C so that we have a fresh full base release to work

Also, this is pretty much going to wrap up the majority of the work that
will be done in the 3.x chain of IBO. I will still do bug fixes for it but
that is going to be it. This version is very solid and I don't anticipate
much of that either...

As for version 4.0. I hope to release a BETA in a week or two and then I
hope to have it production by the first part of January 2001.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ