Subject Suggestions for IBO v4
Author Gabriel Juncu
Hi Jason,

Here is another problem that I am facing and that would be nice to see
solved in some next release of IBO:
To maintain the consistent look and feel of the application, it would be
nice if I can use the IB components (IB_EditEnh, IB_SpinEdit, IB_ComboBox,
IB_Date) without the connection to a database. Of course I understand that
they are based on the properties set up in data access components, so it
would be nice to have an "in memory table" component simulating the
properties and behaviour of TIB_Query (with a fields editor). I know that is
much work to do but I think that the in memory table would be a very useful
(I know that there are other implemetations of memory tables but the IBO
Components can't use them)

Best regards,