Subject Re: Import dbf data
Author Clément Doss
Hi Bram,

How fast can you create FixedLength ASCII files with your components?

You could try to use
(That means that you can SELECT * FROM TB_ZIPCODE and IB will read
the info from a TXT file...

To use external files, I believe they must be on the same machine
as IB server. Then you can INSERT (with type casting) in a permanent
table. (Remove your indexes before massing insertions.)

This is the procedure I use to convert dBase or Paradox to IB.
(this will not work if you have MEMOs and alikes... :-(

Good Luck!

> Helen, I never used Interbase 5. Dbf is the dbaseIII file format
also used
> in Foxpro. I have IBO alike components for fast access to the dbf
file. I
> was hoping to combine this with an IBO component to do a fast
> Bram
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