Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery AfterScroll + recordCount problem (not BDE)
Author William Hill
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3 messages sent by Jason regarding afterScroll events
and recordCount problems.

No i dont have a full copy of the source, I am still using
the evaluation V3.6, we were reluctant to buy if it did
not fit our needs (no disrespect). If you can set me up
with the source then I will be a good bug finder for you.

Regarding the recordCount problem, I use multiple Querys
which provide visual information for the user, including the
recordCount. If you wish to get it fixed then lets do it. I also
notice that TIBOQuery.recordCount will return a value if = false (if query is closed then record count
should = 0).

Regarding afterScroll event with open/close. The Borland
documentation says for TDataSet.AfterScroll:-

"Write an AfterScroll event handler to take specific action immediately
after an application scrolls to another record as a result of a call to the
First, Last, MoveBy, Next, Prior, FindKey, FindFirst, FindNext, FindLast,
FindPrior, and Locate methods. AfterScroll is called after all other events
triggered by these methods and any other methods that switch from record to
record in the dataset."

I think that opening and closing causes a switch from record
to record. If an open/close causes an empty dataSet then the
programmer should test for dataSet.isEmpty and act acordingly.
So yes, my comment is yes it should.....

By the way, if IBO does all it looks to do then we will be most
happy to buy the full version. We have looked at the alternatives
and IBO seems the best choice for industrial applications, we
want to get away from the BDE for use with interbase 6+.
I think that our main stratedgy will be to use TIBOQuery with
the standard borland data controls and use iboAccess components
for the non visual stuff.

So far I have been impressed with your responses and I am happy
that we are resolving these issues.

My regards to you,