Subject Re: IB6

Does anyone know if the attached message bares any truth. I run
a dual pentium setup as a server. If so, does it appply to
NT and Linux both ? Personally I haven't noticed any degradation,
but I haven't compared results yet to an after a 'yank a processor'

Yes, I know my question doesn't appear IBOjects related, but maybe
it might be and it could impact the way we plan our systems :)

Best regards,

From: "Wayne Niddery (TeamB)" <winwright@...>
Subject: Re: What database???
Date: Saturday, November 25, 2000 10:40 PM

>The website will have approx. 100+ users simuntly running on a dual p3
>800/512 ram runing on windows 2000 server.

For Interbase you are actually better to run on a single processor. You
either yank a processor or use IB_Affinity - a utility that can tell
to keep IB on a single processor, otherwise Windows will constantly
IB from one processor to the other effectively halving performance
of doubling it.