Subject Re: [IBO] Sometimes Detailqueries disappear
> Guido,
> Your problem might be related to the fact that KeySource does not form
> master-detail relations, it is for KeySource-Lookup relations. The
> difference is that in a m/d relationship, you can have many detail rows
> associated with one master; whereas, at any given point, there is a 1:1
> relationship between a Keysource row and a Lookup row. To form
> master-detail relationships, you need to use Mastersource and MasterLinks,
> together with a normal, single KeyLinks entry for the detail dataset.

My fault, because of my bad english. I should call them not detailqueries,
better is lookupqueries.

> A problem such as you describe could arise where the lookup table contains
> more than row that could complete the relationship; or where there is no
> matching row in the lookup table.

that's not the case.