Subject Sometimes Detailqueries disappear
In my application I have up to 200 IB_Queries and all work fine. But
with one Query I have to fight with a strange phenomenon. It is a
masterquery with 7 detailqueries, which are assigned to the masterquery
over the KeySource-property. All KeyLinks-Strings are correct (believe
me, I have proofed them 100 times). The masterquery is assigned to a
IB_UpdateBar. When I press the Editbutton and then the Savebutton,
without changing the dataset, sometimes one of Detailqueries disappear.
This means, the IB_Lookupcombo, which is assigned to the detailquery,
becomes empty. The problem is, that this happens only sometimes and when
it happens, it is every time another detailquery. I have replaced all
detailqueries and the masterquery, but this doesn't help. Has anybody
experienced something similar ?