Subject Fields[xx].value - unidentifyed type: 14
Author Mauricio Longo
I'm trying to copy a TIBOQuery into a tkbMemTable and I keep getting
a Field "xx" must have a value error. While debugging I notice that
my watch on the Source dataset's value property (the TIBOQuery) keeps
showing "Unidentified type: 14".

I'm using in this computer an older version of IBO - 3.3 or 3.4.
I'll retry this at home where I have the latest version. If this was
an issue, was it corrected?

I was trying to gain some time on my IBO project since I have nothing
to do at work (I never had anything to do in the last working day of
the year. I don't know I bother to come to the office.) :-)


All my best,

Mauricio Longo