Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX
Author Paul Gallagher
It has been a couple years since I have even tried FreeIB which is
apparently what IBX is now.

My experience was not good. I spent a lot of time on it, and never got it to
work effectively, if at all. When I ran across IBO about 3 years ago, it was
"love at first sight". It worked quickly and easily. It also had a lot of
the functionality that I was struggling to implement on my own. Grid sorting
by clicking the title bar sounds easy but is more trouble than it looks. IBO
did it virtually automatically. I had also put a lot of time into making an
interactive "Icon" that would turn red when data was in edit mode. Again,
sounds simple but is actually quite involved. I was very pleased when I
started using IBO and found that the transaction bar did all that completely

As far as comparing the two, I can't help you there. When I first got Delphi
5, I revisited IBX, and found the same problems as before. I didn't waste
any more of my time with it after that.

Paul Gallagher

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Subject: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX

> I would like to solicit the opinions of others on why you chose IBO over
> and what the advantages you feel that you enjoy by having made that
> I have nothing to lose by campaigning these benefits and plan to do so.
> been much to passive to date on how I have addressed this topic.
> Too many people are using IBX when they don't have to and it is causing a
> lot of mess and frustration in our InterBase community because it is so
> immature and poorly written. IBX is good in some ways but there are too
> things that are just plain done wrong and are injuring people's capacities
> to write good software or at best causing them to have to do too much work
> to have anything worth using.
> We need to make sure people understand that IBO is the suite of choice for
> the InterBase community when it comes to writing client/server
> with Delphi and CPPB. They also need to know why without any apologies.
> Why am I doing this? First of all because I get asked it a lot and second
> because I owe it to the community to give people as much accurate
> information as possible so that people can make the most accurate and
> informed decisions as to what tools they commit to.
> If there are some advantages you think IBX has, pass them along too if you
> wish.
> If you prefer, just send them privately to me.
> Thanks!
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ