Subject Re: [IBO] IBO advantages over IBX
Author Carlos H. Cantu
So why I use IBO instead of IBX (in random order) :

1) It works well
2) It has good support
3) I consider Jason a good person (a friend) who offers a very good support and
dedicate a lot of his time to the product. I received support even at
3:00am :)
4) It does what I need it to do
5) I can help the product in many ways, in other words, Jason are open to
everyone collaboration.
6) Jason seems to have a more decent posture than Borland regarding IB
7) IBO will work with FireBird
8) IBO is being ported to Kylix
9) It is stable

Now the reasons I think a lot of people is using IBX (instead of IBO) :

1) It is free
2) It comes with Delphi 5
3) Many people doesnt know about IBO existence
4) Some people dont want to pay for a product since there is a free choice
(IBX). Of course I think those people really doesnt know the IBO
advantages over IBX and the terms of the trustware license.


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