Subject RE: [IBO] Can not edit current row
Author Art Metz
Is your query on a single table? If so, does the query have a primary key?
If so, be sure the KeyLinks property is correctly set. If not, well, it

If your query is on more than one table, you may need to fill in the
UpdateSql property.

One last thought: does the user have Update privilege on the table?

If none of these help, please post the table structure and the query.

Art Metz

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> Subject: [IBO] Can not edit current row
> Hi:
> Have a form with several querys. One is a query to my main table, the
> others are querys to lookups that set values in the main table. I
> can add new records to the main table and everything works fine.
> Problem is whenever I try to edit a record I get "can not edit
> current row". Thought I must have inadventantly set some property
> wqrong in the main query so I deleted it and dropped a new on one
> form, same problem. Can anyone offer assistance.
> Thanks
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