Subject Re: Can not edit current row
Author Geno
--- In, Art Metz <ametz@n...> wrote:
> Is your query on a single table? If so, does the query have a
primary key?

Query is on single table, has primary key
> If so, be sure the KeyLinks property is correctly set. If not,
well, it
> should!

Keykinks is set to primary key field

> If your query is on more than one table, you may need to fill in the
> UpdateSql property.
> One last thought: does the user have Update privilege on the table?

User has update privliges

> If none of these help, please post the table structure and the

Table is rather long but this is basic structure:

empno integer not null primary key
several varchar fields
several integer fields
several double precision fields

primary key is generated. have setup generator and generator links.
This works as I can add records and use the form to move traverse the
records and all fields are correct, including generated key field.

query is simple

select * from employees

table does get some of its values from ib_lookups - this all works

table is linked (as the master) to several other querys. Again, this
works. Plus, have disabled master/detail links and still can not

> Art Metz
> AMetz@n...
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> > From: Geno [mailto:strtline@a...]
> > Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 9:15 AM
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> > Subject: [IBO] Can not edit current row
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> >
> > Hi:
> > Have a form with several querys. One is a query to my main table,
> > others are querys to lookups that set values in the main table.
> > can add new records to the main table and everything works fine.
> > Problem is whenever I try to edit a record I get "can not edit
> > current row". Thought I must have inadventantly set some
> > wqrong in the main query so I deleted it and dropped a new on one
> > form, same problem. Can anyone offer assistance.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
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