Subject TIB_Grid - Inserting new row
Author Geno

I have an application I am converting from D5/Paradox to D5/IB6 using
IBObjects. In the Paradox version I have a DBGrid. When the user
moves the cursor past the last row, a new row is inserted. In the
DataSets AfterInsert event, I add some code to insert my default
values into the new row. In the standard DBGrid, there is a property
called "CancelOnExit". If I set this to True, the new row is added
with my defaults, but, if the user exits the row without editing
anything, the added row disapears and is not added. How can I
duplicate this behavior with the TIB_Grid. Using it, the new row is
added with my defaults but if I try to exit the row, even without
editing anything, I get "Required Field" and "Null Field" errors.

Thanks, Geno