Subject ANN: Making old databases conform to new metadata
Our IBUpdata utility is now available at

You point the utility at your latest version (the model), and at an
out-of-date target, and it updates the target metadata to agree with
the model. Data is manipulated to conform, including field order and
data types. A full progress and exception report is generated as it

It allows you to create and save schedules of renamed fields, and will
transfer relevant data to the new fields. It currently works with IB
5.6 and 6 Dialect 1. We have not used it or tested it on dialect 3
or alternate character sets or collation orders.

This has saved us many days hard labour bringing clients up to new
versions. If our apps work well with the source database, then we can
be confident they will work with the converted target. At only US$
120, it pays for itself within a few hours of downloading.

Here are the functions, any or all of which can be selected for each

Drop Views, Drop Triggers. Drop Procedures, Drop Foreign Keys, Drop
Indices, Drop Exceptions, Create New Domains, Create External
Functions, Update Generators, Update Tables, Create Exceptions,
Create Indices, Create Foreign Keys, Create Views, Create Procedures,
Create Triggers, Drop Redundant Tables, Grant Permissions, Hide
Procedure Source.