Subject IB and direct access without delphi componants
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17/11/2000 09:33 ---------------------------

Jean Clemenceau
17/11/2000 09:19

We are new on this e-group , and also just using Interbase release 5.6 loaded
on a PC netware server.
In addition, we do not use Dephi for our developments (sorry), but VB and
another french software called Windev.
For connection with Interbase database, we are using an ODBC driver , supplied
by Interbase.

Unfortunately, we loose the benefit of direct access and functionnalities ,
when we would like to lock a record during update.

Is it possible to find a tool, software , or anything else on the community ,
which replace the access thru an odbc ?

We have not completly understood what is IBO , and if IBO may be used without
delphi or Powerbuilder.
Many thanks to you , for your comments.