Subject Re: [IBO] IBObjects Help files
Author Lucas Franzen

I just made it once and had to do it again this week.
Copying the .cnt file won't work - this is for Delphi 3.

You have to open HELP-menu in D5 and start OpenHelp (since I'm using the
german D5 I can't tell you the real name - it's the second last from the
This will open up the delphi5.ohp file from the Delphi-Help-direcory
(maybe a copy of this file BEFORE working on it won't be a bad idea)

You'll see four tab pages then.

On the first one (Content) you need to add ico.toc (but I can't remember
how I have created that one),
on the second one (Index) your IBO.HLP file and for being on the safe
side, do the same thing on the third one.
On the last one there's the delphi5.cnt file listed - I didn't change
that file (you don't have to enter IBObjects in that file - it doesn't
seem to have any influence...)

Save the file, open Delphi Help, say a short prayer and hope that you
don't have to re-install Delphi to get all your help back......

And when Delphi 6 comes, there will be some new helpfile-features that
will cause any user to make a support-help-install-contract with Borland
or Microsoft :-)

Hope you get it working.


The help of Delphi is close to the system limits - it might happen that
you don't have an empty index-page shown afterwards; in that case try to
remove some files. (this took me some hours, too)

Geno wrote:

> Hello:
> Having a bit of a problem installing the IBObjects help files in D5.
> Copied IBO.CNT and IBO.HLP to my Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Help
> folder. Then used D5 OpenHelp and added IBO.HLP. Problem is I don't
> get IBO to appear in help. Can anyone assist?
> Thanks