Subject Re: [IBO] Re: BDE, IBX and IBO
Author Jason Wharton
> Jason, I have to comment to your message that IBO is fantastic but
> IBO native orientation are doing that the people have dudes about
> performance and dependence when they want to use IBO TDataset only.

Would you please clarify this sentence. I'm not sure I understand what you
are trying to convey just right.

Just for giggles, I think a "dude" is an in-grown hair on a horse's rear
end. It's also a slang to refer to a cowboy.

Having learned to read, write, type and speak Korean, I sympathize with all
who endeavor to learn another language. As well as look for the humor in it
as well... <g>

> Kylix migration is other topic, the people say me that if you will have a
> architecture for TDataset it will do more easy the migration like IBX.

I am committed to making the migration of the native components and controls
to Kylix as smooth and easy as possible. I know I am going to have my hands
full but my goal is to have 100% application conversion. So far I have seen
no reason to believe that this isn't attainable.

There is a little bit of a catch 22 involved here. With native IBO you are
dependant more upon me than Borland to accomplish this. With TDataset you
are dependant upon Borland regardless of anything within my power to have a
nice migration path.

With IBX you are dependant upon yourselves since it is OS. Seems Jeff is
going the extra mile but nobody knows how much longer his goodwill is going
to hold out and where things are going to be left off if he has a falling
out of some kind.

So, it's a matter of who can you trust, or who can you influence
significantly enough.

> If
> your efforts will be in TDataset package and other controls around it but
> without any dependence you could to earn a lot of market but it is only my
> personal opinion.

I hope it is clear that I am committed to supporting both the native IBO
strain and the TDataset compliant strain of components. There is significant
value and place for both of them. I will favor neither above the other.

> I comment to the people about your OATs features, the
> famous OnPrepareSQL event that does IBO fantastic and a lot of things more
> that we can to see in IBO TDataset.

OnPrepareSQL and OAT features are general and apply to both strains.
Wherever possible I make the functionality of the engine available to both
strains of components.

> Your efforts could to go in the
> connectivity and not in the controls, I know that you was in Delphi 2
> without TDataset descents but we are waiting to Delphi 6 at this moment.

I am largely driven by what I need in applications that I write. There were
and are still no 3rd party controls that work the way my native ones do. I
wouldn't have written them if I didn't need them the way they are. You are
right that in Delphi 2 days TDataset was far out of reach and along with it
the data aware controls. But, I would make the same decision today given it
to chose again.

> I tell you it because the people see me in the news, lists and so on
> they are asking me about these aspects because I have been testing IBX and
> IBO. I need the power Jason arguments.

Thanks for helping people understand the two products better. That's all I
ever really hope people do is get to understand both and make their own
educated decisions.

> Thank you Jason. You have a fantastic product.

Thank you.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ