Subject Re: [IBO] Re: BDE, IBX and IBO
Author Miguel Hernáez
Jason, I have to comment to your message that IBO is fantastic but your
IBO native orientation are doing that the people have dudes about
performance and dependence when they want to use IBO TDataset only. Kilyx
migration is other topic, the people say me that if you will have a separate
architecture for TDataset it will do more easy the migration like IBX. If
your efforts will be in TDataset package and other controls around it but
without any dependence you could to earn a lot of market but it is only my
personal opinion. I comment to the people about your OATs features, the
famous OnpPepareSql event that does IBO fantastic and a lot of things more
that we can to see in IBO TDataset. Your efforts could to go in the
connectivity and not in the controls, I know that you was in Delphi 2
without TDataset descents but we are waiting to Delphi 6 at this moment. ;-)

I tell you it because the people see me in the news, lists and so on and
they are asking me about these aspects because I have been testing IBX and
IBO. I need the power Jason arguments.

Thank you Jason. You have a fantastic product.