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> Adalberto,

> > 2) If I define Index using Editing TwwIBOTable.IndexDefs , how
can I access these values in code ?

> > Debugging Table IndexDefs I cant retrieve anything.
IndexDefs.Count returns=0.
> What version of IBO are you using? I do retrieve the IndexDefs in
> the later versions.

I use 3.6.Bc Version.
If I need a later version where can I download it ?

> > 3) TwwDBGrid - Select Field Box, doesn't show label Links for
> > Calculated Fields. How create missing links ?
> I don't know. This sounds like a question more appropriate for the
> support group.

Using a TwwDBGrid with Datasource=Twwtable, the dialog box Select
Fields for a calculated field show a 4° label "Links", as it does for
lookup fileds.

> HTH,
> Jason Wharton

Thanks for others solutions.

Adalberto Baldini
> CPS - Mesa AZ