Subject InfoPower Components
Author Adalberto Baldini

I am using InfoPower components with IBOBJECTS.
I have a TwwDBGrid with TwwDataSource set to a TwwIBOTable.

1) In OnCalcTitleImage Event I cant use indirect instruction :
(Field.Dataset as TTable). , but I have to refer to Table with its
Compiler returns Error 131 Undeclared Identifier : TTable
As this routine should be usable by all DBGrids in the form,
indirect reference should be very usefull.
Do you have any suggestion ?

2) If I define Index using Editing TwwIBOTable.IndexDefs , how can I
access these values in code ?
Debugging Table IndexDefs I cant retrieve anything. IndexDefs.Count

3) TwwDBGrid - Select Field Box, doesn't show label Links for
Calculated Fields. How create missing links ?

Thank Adalberto Baldini