Subject Re: [IBO] POLL: Who likes the partial row at the bottom of the TIB_Grid?
Author Helmut Steinberger
>For that matter, are there any other capabilities that need to be added into
>the grid? Now's the time to ask...

I'd like to have the grid scrolled horizontally by using the cursor
left and cursor right keys. At the moment it works only if the
rowselect property of the grid is set to false.
I like the whole row to be displayed as selected. As the horizontal
scrolling doesn't work with rowselect to true, I have to set rowselect
to false and set the currentrowcolor to clhightlight to get the same
I don't think this is a very elegant way to do what I need, but it is
the only way I found out.
Is there any better way, or is there a possibility to find the feature
in the next release?